ICE Raids in Baltimore; Obama Pushes Patriotism in Independence, MO

By The News Jul 01, 2008

Immigrants Caught in Work Raids, 46 Detained Federal, Anne Arundel county authorities raided the Annapolis Painting Services Inc. painting company yesterday. 46 workers are being detained. This raid continues to add to the increasing ICE battle against immigrant communities and workers in Baltimore and continues to celebrate the division of families. Baltimore Sun. Obama Pledges Patriotism in Missouri Speech On Monday, Obama gave a speech on patriotism after a tour of Presidents Truman’s home in Indepence, MO. In the speech, he makes it clear that discrediting McCain’s service in Vietnam is unacceptable and that no one should question either candidates’ loyalty to the country. Los Angeles Times. More Than HIV/AIDS In South Africa Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang says HIV/AIDS is not the only health issue needing funding in South Africa. He wants foreign aid donors to focus on strengthening primary healthcare, human resources and the health information system overall. The Star.