ICE Ends Self-Deportation Program

By The News Aug 22, 2008

ICE Ends Self-Deportation Program "The federal government will scrap a program for illegal immigrants to turn themselves in for deportation after only eight people volunteered during a nearly three-week trial, an official said Thursday." Associated Press. Black Republicans Flip for Obama "Sen. Barack Obama isn’t just inspiring black voters to register in large numbers as he gets closer to being the Democratic presidential nominee. Evidence indicates that he’s motivating some black Republicans to switch parties." Associated Press. Black Students Disproportionately Spanked in Schools "More than 200,000 children were spanked or paddled in U.S. schools during the past school year, human rights groups reported Wednesday. Black girls were paddled at twice the rate of their white counterparts in the 13 states using corporal punishment most frequently. And although boys are punished more often than girls, the report found that African-American students in general are 1.4 times more likely to receive corporal punishment." CNN.