ICE Director John Morton Gets Very Own Satirical Twitter Account

Immigration reform activist launches a fake Twitter account for Director of ICE John Morton.

By Jorge Rivas May 03, 2012

First there was the infamous [@BPGlobalPR](!/bpglobalpr) satirical Twitter feed, then came the ["Mexican Mitt Romney,"]( now someone has created [a fake account for Director of ICE John Morton.](!/JohnMortonICE) The Twitter account was launched Wednesday and currently has 51 followers. " I don’t enjoy deporting your mom, I fucking love the Hell out of it," reads @JohnMortonICE’s Twitter profile. "Satire is a great way to get a message across," the man behind @JohnMortonICE told He identified himself as someone who works closely with immigration reform groups. "I want to draw attention to this administration’s hypocritical stance on immigration reform and remind people that our immigration system is hardwired for deportation," said the man behind @JohnMortonICE. "As the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton has overseen the Obama administration’s record-breaking deportation spree," Colorlines’ immigration reporter Julianne Hing points out. "He has touted the so-called smart enforcement of Secure Communities while ignoring the calls from immigrant communities and law enforcement agencies alike who say [S-Comm](, and other deportation programs like it, are in fact tearing families apart and destabilizing U.S. communities instead of strengthening them." "We’re talking over 400,000 deportations a year, the very least we can do is mock ICE for it," the man behind @JohnMortonICE told Colorlines.