ICE Detention Officer Complains About ‘Third World’ Mothers and Children

By Aura Bogado Aug 08, 2014

Artesia detention center–a new facility in Texas created to hold migrant families–has garnered negative attention. The center holds about 600 women and children; all have been placed under quarantine following two cases of chickenpox, which means that deportations are currently halted out of Artesia. Migrants seeking asylum are being rushed through for deportation and are routinely being interviewed to establish credible fear without attorneys present. 

Detainees and the few who have visited them have stated that the facility isn’t medically equipped to handle families, and that officers there aren’t exactly friendly. Latino Rebels obtained a recording of one lawyer who called and spoke with ICE Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer Henry Davila, who had choice words about a child that had to be rushed to an emergency room at a hospital out of Artesia. Davila complained about immigrants from "Third World countries" and talked about diseases, viruses and infections from migrants. 

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