ICE Arresting Parents at Airports?

By Jonathan Adams Sep 10, 2008

H/T Bill O. Hing of ImmigrationProf FIrst, ICE was just raiding our homes and jobs. Then, we reported on parents being afraid to pick up their children from school for fear that they may be arrested by agents. Now, ICE is going to airports? At this rate, churches won’t be sanctuaries for much longer.

Thanks to Heather Ziemba for this warning: I just wanted to warn people about something that I learned when meeting with a PC this morning. ICE is apparently now picking up people who go to the airport to pick up children coming from other countries. This PC had sent her U.S. citizen children with a family member out of the country for the summer. The family member had a letter from the mother giving her permission to do so. When the family member returned with the children, CBP asked her about the mother. ICE came to the baggage claim area and arrested the mother. I thought you might want to warn clients about this.