Hurricane Katrina: Two Years… And Counting

By Jonathan Adams Aug 29, 2007

Today, honors the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a special multimedia issue that reviews the continued struggles in the Gulf Coast after the devastating storm. A Return to New Orleans is a video on the housing struggle facing Black residents of New Orleans. Also check out these other special features: Locked Up in New Orleans: From the Nation Magazine, a look at the increasing imprisonment of young men of color without reprieve. ColorLines Gulf Coast Discussion Guide : A guided tour of our past articles on race and rebuilding. Images – New Immigrants in New Orleans: An original audio slideshow documenting the wave of Latino immigrants arriving in the two years after Hurricane Katrina. Walter Mosley, in The Nation, provides some perspective for today’s observance.

What we are scratching on the calendar is more like a notch on a raw gravestone, a count of the days and years that have passed without a reckoning for those who died, those who lost loved ones and for a city that is still in critical condition. Not only did our government fail to answer the call of its most vulnerable citizens during that fateful period; it still fails each and every day to rebuild, redeem and rescue those who are ignored because of their poverty, their race, their passage into old age.

Visit our friends at the Katrina Information Network for opportunities to take action for a just recovery.