Human Smuggling on U.S-Canada Border; ACLU Official’s Racial Profiling Lawsuit in Court

By The News Dec 04, 2007

Tainting Obama’s Name Through Muslim Ties The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s main Muslim rights advocacy group, is appalled by the way in which Obama’s Muslim ties are being used to taint his image, saying, "It speaks to the rising level of anti-Muslim feeling in our society." Obama hopes however that his multi-ethnic heritage will be seen as a benefit for the presidency. Garoweonline Planned Parenthood Idaho Offers Free Spanish Language Sexual Health Education Classes A class called ‘All About Puberty’ is being taught in Spanish in hopes of raising awareness amongst the Latino community about prevention of pregnancy and STIs. Human Smuggling on U.S-Canada Border Increases There has been an increase in illegal border crossings on the U.S-Canada border in the state of Washington. Harry Edward John Harrison, a Canadian citizen, was arrested on federal smuggling charges for trying to get 8 Korean citizens past border control. Top ACLU Official Files Lawsuit For Racial Profiling Incident in Logan Airport King Downing, the national coordinator of the ACLU Campaign Against Racial Profiling, appeared in court on Monday, for the racial profiling lawsuit he filed for being stopped for no apparent reason in Logan Airport in 2003. He criticizes the "Behavior Assessment Screening System," which allows police to question passengers whose behavior appears suspicious. MSNBC