How #WhitesAgainstTrump United the Nation During the GOP Debate

By Kenrya Rankin Dec 16, 2015

Last night’s fifth Republican presidential debate might have been eventful, but the real action was on Twitter as #WhitesAgainstTrump trended. The hashtag was spurred by a Salon article where W. Kamau Bell said that White people are the only ones who can shut down Donald Trump’s “White supremacy” campaign:

Donald Trump isn’t a Republican issue or a rich people issue or a human issue. Donald Trump is a White people issue. Whenever Ben Carson says batshit crazy nonsense, Black people rise up, and let him know that he needs to STFU. Whenever Raven-Symone pops off, we put her cap back on. We even handled Rachel Dolezal for you. Yes, we also make jokes and come up with clever memes and hashtags, but at the core of all that is that we are letting these people know that they are embarrassing us as Black people. It is time, White people, for you to finally step up and recognize that you also (even more so) have a responsibility to your race. It is up to you to silence Donald Trump. Don’t just insult him and make fun of him. You have to connect it to your race. Recognize that he is embarrassing you as a White person. Simple snark won’t win here. You have to feel it. You have to use words like “as a White person” and “he is an embarrassment to my race.” Stop acting like Trump isn’t the pinnacle and the result of America’s history and tradition of White supremacy. And again, P.S.: Simply put, White people, come get your boy.

Boy did they ever. Of course, the rest of Twitter slid in there, too, and no one was safe. Here, the best tweets of the bunch: