How I forgot about Black History Month

By Malena Amusa Feb 01, 2007

I almost kicked myself for forgetting today was the first day of Black History Month. Sure I could blame it on the chilling New York weather that seems to freeze my body and mind into inertia. But really, I hadn’t put a single Black History Month Event on my calendar. Ironically, those of us working to advance racial justice and those working against it have a lot in common. We’re often times too busy working against one another to deeply acknowledge this historical month-long celebration. At ARC, we’re rapidly preparing for our Facing Race conference in March. And there’s little space to reflect. So I commend those organizations that continue to make Black History a cause to pause. Whether it is through their programming or column writing. And I hope I can find time between my busy news consumption and production to embrace better the renewing spirit of this month.