Honduras Action: Clinton to Meet with Zelaya Today; Tell Obama Cut Aid to Illegal Honduras Government

By Jorge Rivas Jul 07, 2009

via Cispes Call the State Department to demand that the Obama administration comply with U.S. law by immediately suspending aid to the de facto government of Honduras. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to meet with Zelaya TODAY – CALL Clinton’s Chief of Staff at 202-647-5548. Call script below Democratically elected Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in a military coup on June 28th, and the de facto government has categorically refused to allow his return to power, threatening instead to arrest him if he sets foot on Honduran soil. Zelaya attempted to return to his country on Sunday, but his plane was unable to land after the Honduran military placed vehicles on the runways of the international airport. Meanwhile, at least two peaceful protestors have been killed and others injured, civil liberties have been suspended, and journalists have been harassed and detained by the current authorities. In a notable break from past administrations’ policies, the U.S. has denounced the coup and called for Zelaya’s reinstatement. However, President Obama has not cut aid to the illegal government that assumed power following the early morning kidnapping of President Zelaya ten days ago. U.S. law requires that aid be cut to countries whose democratic leaders are deposed in military coups, and the suspension of aid would further isolate the illegal regime that has taken power in Honduras. Already, the United Nations, Organization of American States (OAS), European Union and others have condemned the coup and called for Zelaya’s return. The OAS has expelled Honduras, European and Latin American nations have withdrawn their ambassadors, and multilateral financial institutions including the World Bank have frozen loan payments. However, the U.S. has not cut its aid to Honduras, nor recalled its ambassador. CISPES stands in solidarity with the thousands of Hondurans risking their lives in the streets to demand that their voices and their votes be respected. We join the Honduran community in the U.S. in demanding that the Obama Administration move beyond words in this urgent situation and take strong action against the illegal government that has taken over in Honduras. Call the State Department today! Take Action! 1) Call Secretary of State Clinton’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills at 202-647-5548. Use the call script below. 2) Call your Congressional Representative and Senators at 202-241-3121 to demand that the U.S. Congress pass a resolution condemning the illegal coup carried out against the legitimate President of Honduras, and calling for the Obama administration to immediately cut aid to the de facto government. CALL SCRIPT: I urge the United States to take strong action to reject the military coup in Honduras. In keeping with the Obama administration’s stated demand for the immediate return of President Manuel Zelaya to office, please withdraw our ambassador to Honduras, as our European allies have already done. Please also cut all U.S. assistance to the de facto government, including military aid, as required by U.S. law. The U.S. must immediately back up its words with actions to further isolate the illegal government in Honduras.