Homies Unidos’ Alex Sanchez Out on Bail

By Jorge Rivas Feb 16, 2010

Nine months ago we wrote about the arrest of Alex Sanchez, one of the most respected gang intervention leaders in the country, who was arrested on federal charges of racketeering. We’re happy to report Sanchez is out on bail, but as The Nation reports, the battle is not over because Sanchez faces conspiracy charges with "23 others rounded up by the FBI in a government blitz using federal racketeering laws against alleged Mara Salvatrucha (MS) members." Sanchez will have to until October for the trial to begin. The release comes with bitter sweet happiness. A grassroots campaign to release Sanchez began immediately after his arrest with hundreds of supporters attending protests which included clergy and elected officials announcing their support for Sanchez’s release, even after he was denied bail twice. For updates, follow @wearealex on twitter.