Homeless Black Man Twitters On Poverty

By Daisy Hernandez Jun 09, 2009

Here’s an amazing story from All Things Considered about Eric Sheptock, a homeless Black man who’s using Twitter, Facebook and other online social networks to educate people about poverty.

"My next blog [post] is going to be about the challenges that homeless people have when it comes to employment because oftentimes they can’t get money to ride the bus to the job and they can’t get lunch money," Sheptock says. "So for your first week or two, you have a lot of difficulty maintaining that job."

He’s also written about how hard it is for the homeless to get work in the first place. For example, they might have to carry all their belongings to a job interview, turning off a potential employer. Or they might have to choose between work and food because the soup kitchen closes before the workday ends."