Homeland Security: State IDs Need Upgrade Now; Detroit Mayor to be Arraigned

By The News Mar 24, 2008

States Hurry to Make Flight Deadline The federal government has given three states the deadline of March 31 to comply with new ID laws, and Homeland Security has announced that those states that do not comply will be barred from using their state’s licenses to board airplanes. USA Today. Tomato Farmer : Immigration System Ruins Crop Without enough workers to harvest the crop, Pennsylvania’s largest grower of tomatoes says he will not produce the fruit. Labor through the federal government’s guest worker visas was not an option for the farmer who will replace his tomatoes with corn. Associated Press. Detroit Mayor Charged for Perjury Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, 37, was charged with perjury Monday after text messages revealed inconsistencies with his sworn testimony about an affair with an aide. MSNBC.