Homeland Security Sorry for Racist Costume; No Time for ‘No Child Left Behind’

By The News Nov 06, 2007

Top Immigration Official Apologizes for Racial Halloween Costume A public apology was issued by a Homeland Security Department official for a fellow employee dressed in prison stripes costume, with dreadlocks and dark makeup at a Halloween party at the agency. MSNBC No Time for ‘No Child Left Behind’ Important changes to the No Child Left Behind Act have been delayed and put on the back burner as more focus is put on the 2008 Presidential elections. No negotiations or consensus has been reached about appropriate changes, seeming to stall the process for the rest of the year. NY Times College Admissions Still Favor the Rich The College Board’s annual report on college pricing has shown that tuition is on the rise. The high prices of college tuition is severely impacting applicants of color who in many cases are unable to meet the rising costs. San Francisco Chronicle