Hollywood Doesn’t Pay Bankable Latinx Actresses Their Worth

By Sameer Rao Aug 23, 2018

Although her films have grossed nearly $3.3 billion, Zoe Saldana did not feature in Forbes‘ latest list of Hollywood’s 10 highest-paid actresses. In fact, no woman of color did. An article Remezcla published yesterday (August 22) argues that this reveals a little-discussed wage gap for screen actresses of color, especially Latinx ones like Saldana. 

"Besides earning more at the box office than nearly all of the top-paid actresses, Saldana is also more bankable than Mark Wahlberg—the top paid actor of 2017," writer Nancy Wang Yuen notes. "The obvious mismatch between Saldana’s box office earnings and her wages demonstrates a clear racial and gender wage gap."

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