Holding ‘Race Card’ High Gets Mixed Response for AG; The Good, Bad, and Ugly With The Stimulus Money

By The News Feb 23, 2009

Holder’s Commitment To Race Issues Draws Mixed Response While having received a mixed response for his criticism of Americans’ fear of confronting racial issues, Attorney General Eric Holder has still made it clear that racial issues are of utmost importance in the new administration. Though conservatives claim Holder’s criticism to be divisive, many in the civil rights community believe they have found a genuine ally within the Justice Department. SF Gate. Stimulus Money Could Help Higher Ed It has yet to be determined how Federal Stimulus money will be allocated in education, but for potential students the $30 billion increase in financial aid can give more students, particularly low-income and students of color, a chance to pursue a higher degree. Houston Chronicle. Immigration Restrictions in Stimulus Law Bad For Banks, Economy A New York Daily News editorial proposes repealing an immigration crackdown written into the economic stimulus law, a restriction which encourages banks to prioritize the hiring of US-born people. NY Daily News. Debate Continues Over Detaining Guantanamo Prisoners Obama’s closure of Guantanamo Bay was cause for celebration among human rights advocates, but the question of how to deal with detainees has been cause for debate. The Plain Dealer.