HIV/AIDS Advocates Demand Affordable Housing, and Other News

By The News May 21, 2009

Gay Marriage in DC Moves Debate to Black Community Despite some claims, it turns out the Black community in D.C. isn’t so against gay marriage. Six of the 12 council members who voted in favor of the gay-marriage bill are Black and 21 to 11 voters in the primarily Black Southern region of DC voted in support of same-sex marriage. AP Local Immigrant Enforcement Creates Distrust of Cops A recent report by the Police Foundation criticized aspects of an ICE program which gives local cops authority to enforce immigration laws. The study found immigration enforcement by cops created distrust in policed communities. Reuters HIV/AIDS Advocates Push for Affordable Housing Legislation A group of HIV/AIDS and housing advocates gathered yesterday to ask voters to support a bill that would guarantee affordable housing for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS in New York. Legislative-Gazette The Triple Minority: Queer, Asian and HIV Positive After losing two sons to HIV and one to a bullet, two parents transform their grief into lessons for other Asian parents with queer children to stop homophobia and discrimination in their families. NAM