Hip-Hop Fans Are Petitioning For Billboard To Retract Iggy Azalea’s “Top Rap Song” Win

By Qimmah Saafir May 27, 2015

It seems Iggy Azalea is facing the music after winning the Billboard Award for “Top Rap Song” for her track “Fancy.” Rap artists and fans alike took to Twitter after her win to communicate their dismay over the selection. However, some have taken their disapproval a step further and are noting a reason separate from her musical worthiness. 

A Change.org petition for Billboard to take the “Top Rap Song” award back is now circulating, disputing the eligibility of the song to be considered for the award in the first place. According to petitioners, the track was released after Billboard’s deadline and should have, therefore, not been in the running. 

This isn’t the only petition against Azalea currently making its rounds. The LGBTQI community was not at all happy with the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh’s decision to contract Azalea to perform at the "Pride in the Streets" event during Pride week 2015. That petition notes that she has never “shown herself to be a friend of ally or in any way shown love to the LGBTQI community.” They are demanding a replacement.