Hey Grey Lady, ‘Get With the Times’ on the I-Word [VIDEO]

Catch up already, paper of record, you're looking out of touch.

By Rebekah Spicuglia Apr 03, 2013

On the heels of the Associated Press decision to remove "illegal immigrant" from its Stylebook, the Applied Research Center, which publishes Colorlines, calls on the New York Times to do the same. In October 2012, we published an open letter to the Times that said: Words Matter. And, the i-word is out.

Since we launched the Drop the I-Word campaign almost three years ago, the number of outlets agreeing to stop using the term "illegal" has increased at an accelerating pace. The Times is also considering a change, but has not said how "sweeping" it will be. Writer and comedian Negin Farsad directed a video for Drop the I-Word that encourages the paper of record to "Get With the Times" by dropping the i-word today.