Herman Cain’s Campaign Days Are Numbered

According to a former staffer, Cain's presidential hopes might have been influenced more by the glory than the job description.

By Bryan Gerhart Aug 16, 2011

While his incessant Islamophobia and velvety vocals will always have a home on the Internet, it looks like presidential hopeful Herman Cain’s days on the campaign trail are almost over.

Turns out there’s more to this whole "become the President of the United States of America" thing than quoting Pokemon and spewing religious bigotry. Apparently candidates need to have a "strategy" and some sort of grasp on "issues." What a world, huh?

After placing fifth in Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll on Saturday, Cain’s quest to become the second Black president might have to wait until 2016. He hasn’t officially dropped out of the race, but the Atlanta Post writes that he told people he needed to finish in the top three this weekend to continue seeking the Republican presidential bid. Michelle Bachmann, a fellow Tea Party favorite, finished first in the Ames poll, and while Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney skipped the poll altogether, he still holds his position as the front runner in the campaign.

Since the Ames poll, survey’s have shown Cain’s numbers continuing to fall, but the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza might have been doomed from the start. Politico reports that Cain’s campaign had "an inexperienced staff, strong competition for the Tea Party mantle and an unfocused campaign strategy."

According to a former staffer, Herman Cain’s presidential hopes might have been influenced more by the glory than the job description. The staffer told reporters that Cain "wants to be in front of the adoring crowds, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in the issues."

Things don’t look good for Cain’s presidential ambitions, but at least he’s got some time to record that long-awaited sophomore album.