Here’s a New ‘Miles Ahead’ Clip to Finish Off Your Afternoon

By Sameer Rao Mar 16, 2016

With almost two weeks until the April 1 premiere of "Miles Ahead," Sony released a new clip to hold us over. 

The scene features the film’s star, director, co-producer and co-writer Don Cheadle as a young Davis meeting his future wife, Frances Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi) for the first time. Based on what we know about the film, this is probably one of a number of flashback scenes, as much of the movie focuses on the 1970s and an addiction- and mental illness-plagued Davis’ fight against his record label to reclaim rights to his material.

The official soundtrack will also be released on April 1. And May 27 will bring "Everything’s Beautiful," an album with reimagined recordings of Davis tracks by pianist Robert Glasper and guests including Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder

Watch the new clip above.

(H/t Indiewire)