Here’s 15 Smart Women of Color on Twitter

Because a recent list of the 25 smartest women on Twitter is a bit monolithic.

By Von Diaz Aug 27, 2013

The online business magazine Fast Company released a monochromatic list yesterday of the 25 Smartest Women to follow on Twitter. While the list offers a sprinkling of women of color, it largely features white women. Salon posted the exact same list a short while later. 

While we don’t want to disavow the smartness of any women tweeters, the team came up with a more diverse grouping. Got more for us? Tell us who you follow!

Kimberly Bryant, Biotech Engineer and Founder of Black Girls Code.  

Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the New Black and transgender rights activist. 

Maria Hinojosa, multimedia journalist and founder of the Futuro Media Group. 

Mariame Kaba, violence and prison reform advocate, writer, and founder of Project NIA. 

Carolyn Edgar, ‘lawyer, writer, and single mom.’

Lauren Chief Elk, activist for violence against Native American women, co-founder of Save Wiyabi Project. 

Favianna Rodriguez, artist, social justice activist, and community organizer.

Tayari Jones, author of "Silver Sparrow," "Leaving Atlanta," and "The Untelling." 

Goldie Taylor, author,  journalist, and "marathon running grandmother." 

Prerna Lal, DREAMer, writer, and immigration and queer rights activist. 

Anthea Butler, author, professor at University of Pennsylvania, and media commentator. 

Michele Norris, author, host and correspondent for NPR. 

Trudy Hamilton, writer, culture critic, and "blackademic." 

Melissa Harris-Perry, Tulane professor, host of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC and columnist for The Nation. 

Carlita Peligrosa, feminist and "Talk Like Sex" columnist for