Help Us Make Racial Justice News Easy

Seed the Web with Hatty Lee's amazing news graphics.

By Kai Wright Jul 29, 2010

Our goal at ColorLines is to get as many people as possible talking in an informed way about racial justice, and you can help do achieve that. Got a blog, a website, an email newsletter or, well, just a Facebook page? Fill it up with our news graphics. ColorLines’ [fabulous designer Hatty Lee]( produces timely infographics that help make quick, easy sense of big, complicated racial justice news. We’re eager to see Hatty’s graphics spread around the Web. This handy breakdown of the [legal challenges facing Arizona’s SB 1070](/archives/2010/07/post_77.html) is a great example. But you can follow all of Hatty’s work [here in our infographic channel]( One note:* Only grab the graphics with a ColorLines brand on them*. We’re eager to seed the Web with our own content, but can’t give away other folks’ stuff. So next time complex news breaks, check in for Hatty’s visual breakdown and send it around to your peeps.