Help Make an ‘Oh Oh, Baby Boy!’ Dream Come True

Janine Macbeth is a mother and artist who dreams about writing a book about good fathers. But she needs your help.

By Jorge Rivas Sep 22, 2011

Janine Macbeth is a mother and artist who’s worked in illustration, graphic design and print production–you could say that she’s got all the tools and experiences to create a book that changes lives. 

That’s exactly her dream right now. 

She wants to publish her own children’s book celebrating boys and men, relationships between fathers and sons, and their potential to be what she calls "co-creators of uplifted families." Fathers, Macbeth argues, play an essential role in nurturing and guiding children who may also go on to become parents themselves one day. What does that look like and what does that mean for parents and children everywhere?

She says her book, ‘Oh Oh, Baby Boy!’ won’t preach or dictate to readers. Instead it’ll illustrate reflections of "engaged fatherhood naturally, simply and quietly."

Macbeth, whose illustrations have appeared in Colorlines before, says her book will be an "homage to exceptional fathers everywhere." But she needs your help. She’s started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make her dream book a reality. In the next 23 days she needs to raise close to $2,400. 

Help her celebrate love, dads and the potential they have change the world.

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