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By Kai Wright Dec 20, 2013

‘Tis the season. Everybody’s trying to slow down and spend some time with loved ones this time of year, and we’re no different here at Colorlines. You’ve likely noticed we’ve pumped out fewer stories the past few days. Next week, we will not publish new content. We’ll start gearing up again on Dec. 30, and get back to full speed right after the New Year.

Thank you for reading, tweeting, commenting and generally engaging with Colorlines in 2013. You have helped us to grow our community dramatically over the past year. You have done a lot, but we’re going to ask you to keep us going by donating today!

If you engaged in our year-in-review live chat, you heard about some of our top stories. We’ve responded to breaking news like the government shutdown and the Boston bombings with context to help make sense of fast-moving events. We’ve reported closely on ongoing, big stories like immigration reform, the jobs crisis and the search for justice for Trayvon Martin and black men like him. We’ve dug in with investigations into immigrant detention facilities, exploitation of low-wage workers and the anti-choice movement’s efforts to capture black communities. And all the while, we’ve stayed on top of the pop, too, from Big Freedia to Miley Cyrus, "12 Years a Slave" to Paula Deen. We will keep offering this vital counterpoint to colorblind news media in 2014.

But good writing and real reporting cost money–and that’s why we need your help.

To get to the heart of our stories, it’s often necessary for our writers to travel across the country to talk directly with the people most affected by racial injustice. In early 2014, we’ll be going deep on the ways in which inequity shapes the lives of black men; exploring the intersection of faith and racial justice; digging into the unfair jobs that dominate the low-wage economy and much, much more. This work will be costly.

Help us follow these stories and provide meaningful coverage of news that matter. Please donate today.

We hope you’ve been getting a chance to spend time with your loved ones in these holiday weeks. We’ll miss talking with you while we’re away spending time with ours. But we look forward to resuming the conversation with our amazing, growing and dynamic Colorlines community in 2014. See you then!