Help Close Ecuador’s Clincis That Use Torture to ‘Cure the Gay Away’

An online gay rights group wants to shut down the country's illegal torture centers that are targeting lesbians.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 14, 2011

LGBT and women’s rights groups in Ecuador have discovered over 200 illegal clinics that are holding young women captive to be raped, tortured, starved and beaten in an attempt to "cure" their sexual identity, according to the All Out, and online gay rights organizing group.

"While the government of Ecuador made a show of shutting down nearly 30 clinics this summer, our friends there are saying that over 200 still exist across the country — holding young women against their will," the group wrote in an email to members last week.

All Out is asking its members to sign a petition on calling President Rafael Correa — who supported a pro-LGBT Constitution — to act now and close down the clinics.

Everyone is urged to sign the petition pressuring the Ecuadorian president to shut down the illegal clinics, which all major international psychiatric and medical associations have discredited.

"Sign this urgent letter to the Ecuadorian president, and we’ll deliver it to him with our partners in Ecuador – demanding these illegal clinics are shut down once and for all," All Out told its members. "President Correa needs to know that international pressure is building right now, and that ignoring this issue won’t make it go away."

To sign the petition and to learn more about All Out’s campaign in Ecuador visit