Have You Seen “Planet B-Boy”

By Jonathan Adams Mar 31, 2008

Benson Lee Racewire contributor jchang calls the new film, "an incredible celebration of hip-hop’s global impact and a bracing shot of visual adrenalin." Originally posted on angry asian man, here’s an interview with "Planet B-Boy" director, Benson Lee:

The fantastic documentary Planet B-Boy is now playing in select theaters. It’s a great film, a real crowd-pleaser, telling the story of international B-boy crews competing for the coveted title of champion at the Battle of Year. I can’t recommend it enough. Read my review here. To learn more about the film, go here. I recently got to chat with director Benson Lee about making the film, examining the culture and politics of b-boys, and hanging onto passion for your art. He had some pretty cool things to say.

Check it.