Hate Crime in W.Va Torture Case; Bhutto Killed By Bomb, Not Gun

By The News Feb 08, 2008

Bhutto’s Death Not By Bullet After a Scotland Yard probe into Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, investigators conclude that it was a suicide bomb not a gun that killed Pakistan’s former prime minister. Washington Post. Cartoonists of Color Protest in DC Clamoring for more room in newspaper pages, cartoonists are taking to the streets of Washington, D.C., on Sunday to draw attention to the lack of people of color in the funny pages. Washington Post. West Virginia Torturer Charged With A Hate Crime One of several people charged with torturing Megan Williams will be indicted on a hate crime count. The other members of the group accused of kidnapping and assaulting this woman for days have not received the hate crime charge. New York Times. Students Demand Apology for "Terrorists" Comment from RI Governor’s Wife "A group of Southeast Asian students Monday sought an apology from the wife of Rhode Island’s governor after she compared teenagers who criticized her husband to suicide bombers." MSNBC. Sarkozy’s Plan Promises More Police in Immigrant Neighborhoods After race riots, President Sarkozy has allocated $700 million for his "Marshall Plan," that includes busing students to integrate schools and a war on drugs and gangs in France’s majority immigrant neighborhoods. Washington Post.