Hard Times Can’t Keep Native Radio Down

By The News Mar 26, 2009

Report Claims U.S. Immigrant Detentions Violate Human Rights Amnesty International released a report yesterday that criticized U.S. immigration detentions, saying tens of thousands of people remain in the centers waiting for court hearings to determine whether or not their detentions are warranted. Reuters. Washington Tribes Angry at Acquittal of Spokane Cop Tribe members held a forum on Tuesday expressing anger at the recent acquittal of Officer Jay Olsen who chased Shonto Pete down a street and shot him in the head. Pete survived the injury and has filed a $750,000 legal claim against the city and a civil rights claim against Olsen. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Native Radio Broadcaster Survives Economic Crisis As mainstream media networks buckle under crisis, Albert Cata, the national producer and host of “Native American Radio Live” on Santa Fe Public Radio, has managed to keep his 17-year-old radio program alive and well. NAM. Florida Foster Care Agency Faulted for Turning in Family to ICE Family Preservation, a Collier County child welfare group under contract with the Department of Children & Families, reported a mother and her two undocumented parents to ICE. The agency then had the family picked up at their offices. Miami Herald.