Happy Earth Day from Cochabamba

By Hatty Lee Apr 22, 2010

Forty years ago, folks celebrated the first Earth Day. Today, climate justice is gaining strength as a global movement. And to mark the occasion, ColorLines’ correspondents at the World People’s Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia have compiled a slideshow of the climate justice heroes. Some are big name government officials; others are community-based organizers. They are all the sorts of voices that have been too often dismissed in the global discussion about how we’ll save the planet. Meet some of the leaders from the conference: • Pablo Solón Romero (Bolivia): Bolivia’s ambassador to the United Nations • Angelica Navarro (Bolivia): Bolivia’s chief climate negotiator in the international arena • Virginia “Vicky” Pinedo (Bolivia): Leader of the Saya Afro-Bolivian Cultural Movement • Isabelle Laforge (Indonesia): Communications coordinator of Via Campesina, • Edson Ramírez (Bolivia): Foremost expert on Latin America’s melting glaciers • Martin Khor (Malaysia): Head of the South CenterTom Goldtooth (U.S.): Head of the Minnesota-based Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)Mychal Johnson (U.S.): Bronx activist leading the Harmony with Nature working group • Lim Li Lin (Malaysia): Senior researcher at the Third World Network Watch the slideshow and read more about them here. Photo courtesy of CMPCC