The group behind Gun Appreciation Day’ is launching a new campaign dubbed "What Would Django Do?" in an effort to woo African-Americans to their side in the debate over gun control, [reports the Hollywood Reporter. ]( The campaign would also recruit veterans to teach gun safety to "inner-city youth and engage them in community activities." [The Hollywood Reporter has more details:]( > The group is called Political Media, and it’s the same entity that was behind Saturday’s controversial Gun Appreciation Day, which encouraged Americans to show up at various places with a copy of the U.S. Constitution and signs reading, "Hands off my guns." Larry Ward, president of Political Media, a company that designs websites and organizes ad campaigns for right-of-center organizations, said hundreds of thousands of people participated in Gun Appreciation Day, crowding gun stores and gun shows and demonstrating at various state capitals nationwide. > > He’s hoping for similar success with his follow-up effort, dubbed "What Would Django Do?" Ward plans not only a campaign but a nonprofit organization that would bear the name, though he acknowledges he hasn’t sought permission from Tarantino or from The Weinstein Co., the studio behind Django Unchained. Ward called Gun Appreciation Day a success but it should be noted [five people were shot at three different gun shows that day. ]( Earlier this month the chairman of Ward also went on CNN to argue [slavery wouldn’t of happened if slaves had been armed.](