Guillermo del Toro Tweets on Father’s Kidnapping, Protests Post-Paris Vengeance

By Sameer Rao Nov 17, 2015

Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro understands the impulse for vengeance after an attack. 

The director, who is originally from Mexico, recently tweeted at length about the circumstances of his father’s 1997 kidnapping. The perpetrators demanded $1 million in ransom—money that del Toro could not front after sinking his own funds into his first Hollywood film, "Mimic." His father was eventually recovered with the financial assistance of fellow director James Cameron, but he still lives with the reality of that attack and others on his family. 

His ten-tweet testimony came on Saturday, in response to the attacks in Paris. He commented on this harrowing episode—during which police offered to let him retaliate against the kidnappers—to illustrate that hate cannot be confronted with hate. 

Read the tweets below, courtesy of ReMezcla


(H/t ReMezcla