Guess How Much Fast Food Workers Earn In Denmark?

By Carla Murphy Oct 28, 2014

Fast food workers in Denmark earn a minimum of $20-an-hour. Meanwhile, in the U.S., fast food workers earn on average $8.90-an-hour and roughly half rely on some form of public assistance. The provocative comparative analysis in yesterday’s New York Times drives home the difference through the choices available to two Burger King employees, 24-year-old Dane, Hampus Elofsson and 26-year-old Floridian, Anthony Moore.

At the end of a typical week, Elofsson still has spending money:

On a recent afternoon, [he] ended his 40-hour workweek at a Burger King and prepared for a movie and beer with friends. He had paid his rent and all his bills, stashed away some savings, yet still had money for nights out.

Across the pond, Moore, a shift manager and single father of two earns $9-an-hour and regularly falls behind in lighting and water bills. He receives food stamps and Medicaid for his daughters. He is uninsured.

Of course there are significant differences between the United States and Denmark, not least the cost of living, universal healthcare and collective bargaining. Read more to understand the differences at The New York Times.