Group Registers Asian and Pacific Islanders; 3,000 Black Men Mobilized in Birmingham

By The News Feb 11, 2008

Obama beats Clinton — this time at the Grammys Barack Obama was honored with his second Grammy for his spoken word album, “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” In 2005, he won the same award for his spoken word album, “Dreams from My Father.” Agence France-Presse Google. Mayor Langford asks black men to reclaim crime-ridden neighborhoods Similar to the community program implemented in Philadelphia, Mayor Langford mobilized 3,000 black men in Birmingham for the 10/30 program to help reduce crime in the city. Birmingham News. Lawyer: AWOL professor alleged racism last summer Although former University of Wisconsin-Parkside assistant professor Ogbonnaya Oko Elechi claimed to have made the university’s administration aware of his absence from teaching at the university last semester, he was fired this week. In July, he filed a case against the school, due to the “discriminatory environment” and racism he experienced working there. Winona Daily News. Asian Vote Gets Boost in Michigan According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2006, Asian Americans make up 2% of the total population of Michigan, yet only 55% of eligible voters were registered, making the efforts of Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote-Michigan to register 2,500 Asian Americans before November extremely important. Detroit Free Press. ‘Jena Six’ defendant charged with assaulting classmate at his new school One of the “Jena Six” students, Bryant R. Purvis, 19, was released today on a $1,000 bail. Police had charged him with a misdemeanor, after Purvis had assaulted a student who he believed was responsible for flattening the tires of his car. USA Today Blogs.