Grinch Delivers Coal to Chicago Aldermen in National Protest to Reclaim Public Education

Actions were planned for over 60 cities.

By Julianne Hing Dec 10, 2013

In Chicago on Monday a man dressed as the Grinch, together with other protestors, dropped off bags of symbolic coal for city leaders as part of the National day of action to coordinated by teacher unions and education activist groups to protest mass school closures throughout the city.

The Chicago coal delivery was one action of over 60 held Monday, including a protest led by the Newark Student Union and hundreds of supporters in New Jersey to wrest back control of the state’s public school districts from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Actions were planned for Detroit, Cincinnati, Jackson, Miss., and New Orleans, among other cities.

The Dec. 9 events were part of a $1.2 million advertising campaign by the American Federation of Teachers to fight back against the market-driven education reform movement which has targeted teachers and low-income communities and communities of color for disruptive, destabilizing reforms