Graphic Novel ‘Elk Mountain’ Tackles Xenophobia

By Sameer Rao Jun 05, 2018

Baltimore-based comic artist Jordan Clark created "Elk Mountain" to explore how fear and hate can threaten a community and weaken its resistance against evildoers. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this 64-page graphic novel to life. 

"Our story follows Valor, whose family escaped persecution in Panama in the ’80s to come to America," Clark explains in the project description. “Fearing government retribution, his parents fled back to South America right after he was born, leaving him behind. Valor grew to be the world’s mightiest superhero and defender of his small town of Elk Mountain. But during a battle with his deadliest enemy, Valor disappears, possibly for good, leaving the town to defend itself against a group of villains determined to destroy it once and for all."

Clark teased the plotline via preview panels:


rntClark has raised almost half of his $9,000 goal as of press time; the campaign ends on June 11.