Gov. Patrick Fails Immigrant Students; Myanmar Junta Allows Aid

By The News May 23, 2008

Myanmar Junta Allows Aid "U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Myanmar’s junta agreed Friday to allow all aid workers into the country but refused to let U.S., British and French warships dock with relief supplies." Washington Post. Editorial: More Justice for Juveniles in Adult Jails " Not surprisingly, these young people are much more likely to harm themselves in adult jails than in juvenile facilities. Those who survive often return to their communities as damaged people who are much more likely to commit crimes and return to prison." New York Times. Immigrants Flee Attacks in South Africa "Hundreds of immigrants boarded crowded buses for Mozambique and other African nations Thursday, passing bags and even babies through the windows in a rush to flee violent attacks against outsiders that have left 42 dead. But many other immigrants — drawn to South Africa by hopes of a better life — say they have nowhere to run despite violence that has forced more than 25,000 from their homes." Associated Press. Deval Patrick Fails to Act for Immigrant Students "Governor Deval Patrick has decided against taking action to allow illegal immigrants to pay resident tuition and fees at state colleges and universities this fall, an administration official said yesterday, crushing advocates who were counting on the governor to deliver on a pledge to support the students." Boston Globe.