Gov. Paterson Calls Palin Comment Racist; Undocumented Immigrants Aren’t So Illegal

By The News Sep 10, 2008

Paterson: "Community Organizer" Comment Has Racial Overtones At the Crain’s Business Forum on Tuesday, New York Governor David Paterson took time to criticize Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s comment about community organizing saying, "I think where there are overtones is when there are uses of language that are designed to inhibit other people’s progress with a subtle reference to their race." WCBS DC Police Report Immigrants Aren’t the Criminals "Fewer than 2 percent of people charged with crimes in Prince William County since the well-publicized crackdown on illegal immigration began in March have turned out to be undocumented, Police Chief Charlie T. Deane told county supervisors yesterday. " Washington Post. Japanese-American Congressman Criticizes "Tent Cities" Immigration Plan "A Democratic congressman who was imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp during World War II unleashed on Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz’s plan to detain undocumented immigrants in tent cities, calling it an “odious reminder” of a shameful period of the past. " The Salt-Lake Tribune. Presidential Nominees Open Up Education Debate "Democrat Barack Obama reached for middle ground on education this week, opening a debate with John McCain over who would do more to put good teachers in classrooms and help parents find alternatives to bad schools." Associated Press.