#GOPHandsOffMe Protest Co-Organizer: ‘This is Just the Beginning’

By Kenrya Rankin Oct 12, 2016

A multiracial group of women and girls formed a human wall outside the Republican presidential nominee’s Trump Tower in New York City today (October 12). Led by sexual assault survivors, participants demanded that the GOP disavow Donald Trump and condemn his attacks on immigrants and women of color.

We talked to co-organizer Jodeen Olguín-Tayler, who also serves as vice president for public policy organization Demos Action, about why it was key to assemble a diverse group of women to protest Trump and his party:

What moved you to organize today’s action?
As a proud Chicana, and a survivor of sexual assault, I’m appalled not only by the GOP’s 50+ years of misogyny and racism, but also that they continue to support this sexual predator for president. Women are rising up, all over this country. Together, we will bring an end to the Republican party’s war on women and people of color. Together we will transform this country into one where we can live with dignity and free from fear of racial, economic and sexual violence.

What do you hope will come out of it?
This is just the beginning. Women of color led organizations all across the country are mobilizing. We know that this country’s future depends on our multi-racial, powerful, leadership.

Why was it important for the group of protesters to be multiracial?
Because, liderazgo de las mujeres es clave para rescatar a nuestras comunidades de la desigualdad económica. Which means, that the leadership of women of color is key to reclaiming our communities from economic inequality. Our leadership in this election is our path to fulfilling a promise of dignity and freedom that has never been real, for either us or our families. It’s the key to reclaiming our communities, and this entire country, from gross economic inequality rooted in systemic racism and violence. This country needs us to move forward. Because it is we who live at so many intersections, women of color have the vision to generate real solutions. As was said at the We Wont Wait summit, “This country won’t be all right until women are all right. Women will be all right when women of color are all right. Women of color will be all right when Black women are all right.”

What groups were represented during this grassroots protest?
Local grassroots women’s organizations in New York Cities, leaders from the Move to End Violence network, AllofUs.org, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, 350.org, domestic workers and many more.

Participants and supporters tweeted about the action using the hashtags #GOPHandsOffMe, #TrumpVsAllOfUs and #WallOfTrump. Below, five scenes from the movement.