Gonzales Gives Notice, Retains Privilege

By Malena Amusa Aug 27, 2007

So what does Alberto Gonzales’s race have to do with his resignation as Attorney General? Well, if we look at his record, it’s clear Gonzales showed key symptoms of a person of color drunk from his sip of white power. Which is why he was so effective as Bush’s hit man. In just two years, he struck down key privacy rights, unethically terminated the jobs of eight U.S. prosecutors, and strangled our Constitution’s meaning of habeas corpus. In his short resignation statement, Gonzales said it was a "privilege" to work as Attorney General. He’s correct. It was not an honor. It was an insidious right conferred onto him by corrupt white men. His words to the Justice Department further prove this. Rather than regretting screwing up our nation’s highest seat of justice, he highlighted his ability to break barriers as the son of poor Mexican immigrants. "Even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father’s best days,’" Gonzales said. Instead of amplifying the rights of people of color, Gonzales, so consumed with his special privilege, stamped out the rights of others to have "better days,” by not recalling or admitting his cruel decision-making, but also, for going virtually deaf on Homeland Security’s rogue deportation of immigrants just like his parents. You know it’s a sad day when a criminal like Alberto Gonzales is able to abuse justice once more by allocating his own punishment–resignation. And then using that to thank the American evildoers for creating a system organized for his failure. Gonzales and Powell should start a support group, but only after being tried and convicted for lying under oath and collaborating to usurp human rights.