Global Food Costs Continue to Rise; Lawmakers to Probe Into Sewage Research in Poor Neighborhoods

By The News Apr 18, 2008

Haiti’s Hunger Felt Around the Globe Not just in Haiti, the global food prices continue to soar out of the reach of families across the world. Economist, Jeffrey D. Sachs say, “It’s the worst crisis of its kind in more than 30 years." New York Times. Less Hours for Workers, More Evidence of Recession Not news to workers already feeling all the effects of a recession, there is new data that says an often overlooked cause is that hours are being cut. New York Times. Harlem Residents Worried About Rezoning Plan Despite including affordable housing and building height rules in the plan, many Harlem residents worry that the new development will force poor people out of the historic Black district. Gothamist. Lawmakers Look Into Sewage Sludge Research After an AP report on Sunday, three more lawmakers will probe into news that sewage was spread on the lawns of nine low-income families in Baltimore and a vacant lot next to an elementary school in East St. Louis to see if lead in the soil from chipped paint and car exhausts would bind to the sludge. Associated Press.