Glenn Beck Claims Obama and Van Jones Support ‘Killing the Parents’

The talk show host goes after young climate change activists who had gathered this week in D.C. for the national Power Shift conference.

By Asraa Mustufa Apr 19, 2011

Outgoing Fox News host Glenn Beck connected environmental advocates Van Jones, Al Gore, and President Obama with radicals who want to kill their parents yesterday on his show, Think Progress reports.

Beck played a clip of Van Jones’ keynote address at the Power Shift conference in Washington D.C.  over the weekend, where Jones said, "When you go home, shift the power at the Thanksgiving table. When your uncle Joe, who loves Fox News, starts talking to you and starts dominating the discussion-"

At this point, Beck stopped the clip to go on a tirade about how the conference leaders were "going after the youth", teaching them to not listen to their parents. His audience did not get to hear the rest of what Jones had to say:

"You have the opportunity to say to your uncle Joe, ‘Excuse me, sir, don’t you believe in liberty? And if you do, how can you live in a country where every American is forced to be an energy consumer for the rest of our lives?’"

Instead, viewers got to see Beck further accuse Al Gore of telling people to ignore their parents, and also rope in Obama, saying that "these radicals" are the same as radicals like Bill Ayers who supposedly said to not listen to anyone over 30 and to ‘kill your parents’ in the 1960’s.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce also wrote off the youth climate activists in a blog post, referring to them as an "anti-business crowd."