Get this Philadelphia Man a Good Job

Immigrant cab driver posts accounting resume in his cab for more than a year, now.

By Carla Murphy Jan 08, 2014

Cab driver Abu Bakarr Saccoh says he loves his job but he clearly loves accounting more. The 43-year-old immigrant from Sierra Leone has spent the last year and a half advertising his resume in the passenger cabin of his cab in the hopes of landing an accounting position.

Saccoh appears to be qualified. His resume includes a bachelor’s in accounting and finance from the University of Sierra Leone and in the U.S., a master’s in accounting and controllership from Strayer University in Pennsylvania.

The bold job search method hasn’t yet led to a job. But Saccoh says it’s yielded plenty of advice and encouragement from passengers.

"I wake up every morning thinking I’m gonna hit my defining moment today, you know," he tells his local NBC station. "I am very, very hopeful that the opportunity will come at any moment; maybe from someone who gets in my cab."

(h/t NBC10 Philadelphia)