Get Out the Way Bieber: ‘Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls’ Most Viewed Video on YouTube

The Youtube sensation may get a cameo on 'Awkward Black Girl.'

By Jorge Rivas Jan 06, 2012

The "Shit white girls say to black girls" video is now approaching 3 millions views and on Thursday it was the most viewed video on YouTube. "I’m officially bigger than Justin Bieber," tweeted Franchesca Ramsey, the creator and star of the YouTube sensation.

Ramsey is also supposed to make a national television show appearance next week and maybe even make a cameo on the "Awkward Black Girl" series.

And like all things popular on the interwebs, the video has sparked some interesting (and not so interesting) comments. Shortly after the video went live on Wednesday Ramsey went to Twitter to share a comment she got from a viewer expressing the video had made her think about the things she says to black women.

"THIS is why I made "shit white girls say…to black girls," Ramsey tweeted when she shared the comment.

Ramsey spoke with’s Jamilah King on Thursday. To hear more from Ramsey and some analysis from academics about the viral video read "How ‘Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls Blew Up the Internet."

PS: My favorite comment from YouTube?