Get Into Jean Grae and Quelle Chris’ Super-Weird Video for ‘Gold Purple Orange’

By Sameer Rao Feb 28, 2018

Jean Grae and Quelle Chris tackle bigotry with irreverence in their new video for "Gold Purple Orange," which was posted on Monday (February 26).  

The song features the two artists, who are partners in hip hop and marriage, trading laconic and absurdist verses about discrimination. From Quelle Chris: 

Everybody disagree gotta be wrong
Everybody Black dick gotta be long
Every mixtape dropped gotta be free
Everybody from the hood gotta be G
Everything in the news gotta be real, right?
Every Jew, golden rule, gotta save bills
Every young nigga got a deadbeat daddy
Every independent lady attitude trashy

From Jean Grae:

Identity crisis, coming later, vices
Are coming even later, prices for a life lived
Without life built, for the right price, guilt
‘Cause you can be the things they say to be and get killed
With difficulty comes learnin’
Where typically those less exposed to those burdens
Can flourish without knowing themselves
Without growing themselves
Without the moments of doubt
Moments of bells all ringing, singin’, low self-esteem

The video features them rapping while posing for photos in ’80s attire, with cameos from comedians Eric André ("Man Seeking Woman") and Hannibal Buress ("Spider-Man: Homecoming"). 

"Gold Purple Orange" comes from Grae and Chris’ new album, "Everything’s Fine."