Germany Needs More Immigrants; Sharpton’s Trial Set for Sean Bell Protest

By The News Sep 12, 2008

Germany Needs to Attract Immigrants While other countries in the EU are creating policies to limit the number of immigrants, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says that "the trend continues, the number of employable people in Germany will shrink by an estimated 2.5 percent by 2020." DW Sharpton Goes to Trial for Sean Bell Protests "A Manhattan judge has set a trial for the Rev. Al Sharpton and others arrested during protests over the Sean Bell police shooting. Sharpton _ who has said he wants to go to trial _ will do so with about eight other defendants on Oct. 6." AMNY. Ohio Lawmakers to Ban Health Care Services for Undocumented People A bill pending in the Ohio legislature that would ban the use of tax dollars to pay for routine medical care for anyone older than 14 who lives illegally in the state. The bill would require clinics to check the immigration status of its patients and turn away those without documents. Columbus Dispatch.