Georgia Rep. Fights Anti-Abortion Bill with ‘Anti-Vasectomy Act’

Black state rep proposes vasectomy limits for men in response to anti-abortion bills sweeping the country.

By Jorge Rivas Feb 24, 2012

Rep. Yasmin Neal, a Democrat from the Atlanta suburb of Jonesboro.

Georgia State Rep. Yasmin Neal has introduced House Bill 1116 that proposes limiting vasectomies for men, except in cases where not getting one would result in death or "impairment of a major bodily function."

The anti-vasectomy bill was a response to a bill that would punish abortions performed after the 20th week of pregnancy with prison sentences between one and 10 years.

"The day has come where men should feel the same pressure and invasion of privacy that women have faced for years," Yasmin said a statement.