"Hola, les habla Jorge Zimmerman," says the man who up until now has been going by George Zimmerman in the two minute video posted to YouTube Thursday. The video uploaded to YouTube by user a called Riendsofgz is meant to thank Zimmerman’s supporters–in both Spanish and English. "This is our website. It is not my website," Zimmerman goes on to say looking in to the camera. "It is your website where you can personally communicate with me and I hope to be your website to provide facts." Zimmerman first delivered the message in English then continues on to deliver the message in Spanish. The video comes just one day after Zimmerman [told Fox News host Sean Hannity he identified as a Latino man pointed out English was his second language.](http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/07/zimmerman_on_fox.html) "I think that people assumed I was white because of my last name. My father is Caucasian, my mother is Hispanic," Zimmerman told Hannity.  "But English was my second language, believe it or not. My grandmother and my mother raised me when my dad was in the Army and he wasn’t home for a lot of my infancy. So it’s — I consider myself, first of all, an American, but a Hispanic American, and I don’t know — I think it’s fair that they rush to judgment to assume that."