George Zimmerman Judge Lets Trayvon Martin Murder Suspect Travel to Meet Lawyers

On Friday morning Lester granted Zimmerman permission to leave the county and travel to Orange County, California to meet with lawyers.

By Jorge Rivas Aug 24, 2012

Last month, Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester agreed to let George Zimmerman out of the Seminole County Jail, provided he post $1 million in bail, wear a satellite tracking device, check in with law enforcement several times a week and stay within the county’s confines. But on Friday morning Lester granted Zimmerman permission to leave the county and travel to neighboring Orange County to meet with lawyers. The judge also denied the state’s request to allow Zimmerman’s medical records to become public. [Orlando Sentinel has more details on the medical records request:]( > Lester ruled in favor of Zimmerman, at least partially, on another matter today: He won’t allow the defendant’s medical records to become public. > > He said he would review them in private then later listen to lawyers argue about them in a closed court session. > > O’Mara had asked the judge to quash a state subpoena for Zimmerman’s medical records from an Altamonte Springs doctor’s office. > > O’Mara described the subpoena as overly broad, seeking irrelevant information and a breach of his client’s privacy even if they disclose only a "hang nail, a bunion." > > Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda argued in court paperwork that he needs to know more about injuries Zimmerman says he suffered the night he shot and killed Trayvon, who was walking through Zimmerman’s Sanford neighborhood and whom Zimmerman described to police as suspicious. [In related news, George Zimmerman’s Facebook page was shut down by his attorney, Mark O’Mara.]( *An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the judge allowed Zimmerman to travel outside the state.