Geeta Gidwani Bonds With Family Through Heartbreak, Cultural Disconnect in ‘Geeta’s Guide to Moving On’

By Sameer Rao May 25, 2017

Actress and writer Puja Mohindra ("Empire") draws on personal experience for "Geeta’s Guide to Moving On," her comedic web series about an Indian-American woman whose family tries to help her bounce back after a broken engagement.

"I went through a massive, life-defining, but also life-transforming break-up and had to learn to move on from my own grief," Mohindra told Colorlines. "During this time, I briefly moved in with my Indian parents. My mom and dad had an arranged marriage and had never suffered through a break-up. Because of this, they struggled to know how to support me, and much hilarity and also heartache resulted from their endless attempts to try." 

Mohindra channels this experience in her portrayal of Geeta Gidwani, whose parents, lacking other ideas, take her to a divorce support therapy group—despite the fact that she didn’t get married.

Per Open TV‘s mission to support projects by creators from underrepresented groups, "Geeta’s Guide" boasts a diverse cast including several middle-aged Desi women who function as a recurring "Greek chorus." But Mohindra insists that the series, which is available to stream starting today (May 25), will speak to people of all backgrounds. 

"On the surface, people may say or assume the show was created for women, singles, people of color, South Asians, Indians, Indian-Americans or Brown people," explains Mohindra. "But the show is a new take on the modern, American self-love story. Geeta’s heartache, struggle to move forward and journey to self-acceptance is a story that is for everyone who has taken the risk to love—and who keep loving, despite the risk involved."

Check out the "Geeta’s Guide" trailer above, then watch this behind-the-scenes preview: